Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today Si beh tired la
tio pump several times cos of pierson adjusting w/o permission Seetoh n Erwin tok tok tok adjust lyk shit
haizzz had company pt WTF la do 40 push up can la but timer so slow n soft =.= cud barely hear =< see ppl go down then folo
then sit up oso so slow 20-30 onli leh every 3 stop sumtimes 2 then stop for short break
then aft tat change to half u nearly had changing parade wa Si beh heng =>>> but footdrill gt several mistakes so touch the ground lo.......
ZZZ belakang till I dizzy =.= wus shaking aft finishing belakanging
annual camp approaching =.= but luky reduced from 4d3n to 3d2n =>
but still quite alot to pak la
stupid discipline mistress supposed to change at canteen but she fucker dun wan us change ther say wad gt girl
pls lo she the onli girl arnd cb sia she :( extra la :( the girl walk pass oso dc juz walk off lyk see nth
end here bah still gt chi compo to do w8 tat dog kpkb agn :(

Monday, March 8, 2010

Lol mi #3 post =D
today ok la
usual Chinese scolding by stupid liu dog
usual ih scolding by mr tan
usual kpkb by ms qi n ms kong
sianz I aiming for 3x sci n I gt 37/100 for sci WTF =l
aft sch went for some wt match wif zq, ray Lum n ys wth pure pwnage by them =l kpkb zq hsing n bsing @ same time asshole sia she it's either bs or hs ww tat time all her kills wer by mi =>
then aft tat tuition wich my cher kpkb mi nth to do then beat mi blah blah then tis rong tat rong more kpkb n beatings lols
come bak do eng summary n I w8 till tmr then do filing bah
tats all for today hopefully I can blog tmr cos gt ncc training then cb lame Seetoh n Erwin tok tok tok then down.....1 down........2 haizzz

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Lols my #2 post C=
ok today almost same lyk ytd =.= main comp can't work laptop laggy lyk shit haizzz then today opposite but still same can't pwn Lum so sad lmao wen Lum gg off9, I go on9 T^T cud onli see him say bb n lawls WTF but today go swimming @ Chinese garden ther de swimming complex a.k.a jurong east swimming complex Si beh sian mom 4gt bring goggles eyes Si beh worn out bro dam funny n cute C= LOL the water current strong n 'push' him away n wen he stand up he strted scolding the water lols u shld hav seen him :D dam hilarious n cute
aft swim go imm walk a while another boring place =.= juz walk arnd, site see go home sianz
lols then brb in 24 hrs bah

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Lols let mi finish 1 post before I leave my blog inactive for 20 hrs.
haizzz today Si beh boring n disappointing la...... My facebook mousehunt didn't catch the terrible 2 mouse till Tis aftnoon cb sia tat mouse dam fucking hard to catch.took mi lyk 10~30 horns to catch a fucking small mouse =.= wasted all my sb+ so juz hav to w8 till nxt yr Cupid mouse out then catch n gt more sb+ lo.......... Cannot ply wt properly cos of my fucking two comps: my main comp can't strt game aft entering rm n my laptop keep on getting dced from Internet :( cud onli ply wt PROPERLY for 1~1 1/2 hrs n cud pwn lesser nubs :( juz wen I dc from the rm nubbie Lum went on9 =< sad tat I can't purely pwn him =( I can't even ply a single match wif tat nubbie shortie so v disappointing la
Hope tomoro can ply wt on main comp so wun be fucking laggy wen owing nubs n nt gt killed easily by ppl =) lastly cb catty mavis go gt my number from my fb acc wen I tot no1 wud care gting my number =.= hopefully, tomoro wud b a Better day